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How We Work

6 Easy Steps

1. Loan Enquiry

Complete a simple Quick Quote form on our website or call us on 1300 728 753. One of our Client Account Managers will then call you for a preliminary discussion about your loan requirements and the most appropriate solution for your needs.

2. Application Form & Detailed Quote

If you are satisfied with the proposed solution, you can then obtain a Detailed Quote. One of our Managers will email or fax you a Commercial One data collection form. When completed, this provides the information we require to finalise a Detailed Quote. Once we receive this back from you we will then quickly email you a Detailed Quote summarising the lender, loan amount, interest rate, fees, loan features and other information relevant to your application & loan requirements.

3. Proceeding to Approval

If you are satisfied with the Detailed Quote, simply send through the quote acceptance & any further information required (as detailed in the quote) and we will then arrange an approval.

4. Letter of Offer

Once the loan is approved we will send you a Letter of Offer which is usually subject to valuation. Once you sign the Letter of Offer and comply with any conditions we can order the valuation.

5. Mortgage Documents

When the valuation is complete and there are no outstanding issues, mortgage documents will be prepared and mailed to you or your solicitor/conveyancer.

6. Settlement

Once mortgage documents have been executed settlement can proceed. We proactively assist at every step to ensure the process runs smoothly. Click here for a quick quote or for more information please call 1300 728 753.