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Home and Investment Loans

As we hold our own Australian Credit Licence, Commercial One are able to offer a complete range of both conforming (Bank loans) and non conforming loans from the widest possible base of lending institutions available.

In addition we also have access to private lenders who are prepared to consider the “not so straightforward” needs of some borrowers. In addition we have access to loans for those who:
  • Are self employed
  • Fall outside the credit criteria of most lenders
  • Have credit rating issues

Our loans include both Home Loans and Investment type loans for those wishing to commence a real estate investment portfolio.

The types of loans covered by this extensive panel of lenders include but are not limited to:

Standard Variable Loans

A variable rate loan with a relatively low interest rate. The low rates for these loans could mean that you can repay the loan faster because there are no additional options available. Interest rates will rise and fall with interest fluctuations.

Fixed Rate Loans

Set at a fixed interest rate for a specific period of time usually for one to five years. These loans allow you the advantage of being able to organise your finances and repayments without the risk of rising interest rates. The disadvantage of course is that you are unable to benefit from a drop in rates. At the end of the fixed term the loan will automatically revert to the applicable variable rate. Of course at this stage you can choose to lock in another fixed rate term or split your loan between fixed and variable.

Honeymoon Loans

Lower repayments in the early months. These loans offer a lower rate in the first six to twelve months. After the “honeymoon” period the loan becomes a standard variable rate loan and repayments increase.

First Home Buyers

No need for stressful bank meetings. Buying your first house can be a daunting process but don’t worry we can assist you all the way through to settlement and make your first buying journey a comfortable and relaxing experience.


Can initially save thousands of dollars a year by re-financing. If you’re planning on moving house, renovating or looking for a different home loan option, refinancing offers a number of benefits with a range of refinancing options available.

Investment Loans

For the astute wealth builder. Investment loans are for those wishing to commence or build on their existing property portfolio.

Whilst access to a comprehensive product range is extremely important so is the level of advice due to the potential complexities of taxation issues etc.

Commercial One are also able to offer assistance in this area with two of the Company Directors fully qualified practicing Accountants.

Vacant Land Funding

Did you know that borrowing to buy vacant land can be more difficult than borrowing to buy a house?

The Banks have stricter lending guidelines for blocks of land and in many cases will not finance remote or large type properties.

The good news is that each lender has different lending guidelines so by applying with the right bank you can get your mortgage approved... and that is where we come in.